Stefan Sretenovic Highlights PG - SG

Stefan Sretenovic
Born: 13.07.1998 in Kragujevac, Serbia.
Height: 187 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Position: PG/SG

Playing Experience:

BC Polet, Serbia (First junior league and senior league, Stats: 21.4ppg, 5.8apg) 2016/2017

BC Sarno, Italy, (C Series, Stats: 14,6ppg, 4.6apg) 2017/2018
BC Sloga, Serbia (B League, Stats: 12.7ppg, 3.8apg ) 2018/2019


Stefan is a diligent and hard-working player. Point Guard, Shooting Guard. He is a player who controls the area transmission field and known for precise shooting performance from semi-distance and distance. In defense is stable, full court press, excellent enforcer. Player with excellent technical and tactical skills.
Reliable player, who handles most complex tasks, has the maximum trust of his coach in the offense segment. 
Great feeling for assistance and very lucid player.

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